Project Practices

SAP We provide a complete suite of SAP implementation services to our clients. From financial to human resources and from sales and distribution to Business Warehouse.

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Xylotech offers a comprehensive benefits plan. We are committed to maintaining a competitive portfolio of benefits that the flexibility you need with comprehensive benefits including health, insurance, and retirement, along with work life programs.


About Xylotech

Xylotech is a Global Software Development and IT services firm of highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide quality, cost-effective solutions to client's information management needs. Both management and staff understand client's requirements and rely on their years of practical business experience to help each client achieve continued success.

We have been using innovative ideas and technology to help our clients improve their situations for a long time. Xylotech experts take the practical-the sensible, the functional, the proven-and we leverage the latest technologies to enhance your systems and processes. Combining the practical with the innovative is a unique and valuable proposition that communicates how we do business.

Companies everywhere are feeling the pressures of today´s economic demands; and IT departments are being forced to find ways to do more with less. They are taking closer looks at infrastructure and processes-comparing them to business needs and budgets. Smart companies look for practical innovation to solve their problems.

At Xylotech, we start with a practical, deep dive into your applications, processes, platforms, requirements, and business objectives. We listen carefully to your concerns and challenges, taking the time to thoroughly understand your business needs and objectives, and always looking for ways to improve them. We look at your existing situation to see what can be done to optimize and streamline what you already have; then we infuse innovative, new ideas and technologies where needed, recommending just the right solutions, to bring better, faster results for your success. Then, we deliver on our commitments with quality, accelerating speed to value.

Many of our clients are large multinational businesses and are immediately recognizable. Clients include financial services, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, retail, technology and manufacturing institutes where we have delivered our cost effective solutions.